1. What has changed ? 
    1. Confluence Server base URL has been changed to 'kb.innovapptive.com' from the older URL which was 'kb.innovapptive.com/8090:'
    2. The following error message is displayed when trying to access RDS Installation and Config guides link.
  2. Reason for Change 
    1. Some Customers have reported issue with the 'Port' number being in the URL while trying to access the documentation from their corporate networks. The A&S team has fixed this by re-publishing the Confluence site without having the 'Port' number in URL and thus the base URL of the confluence server has been updated and customers who are trying to access this URL from their 'corporate' networks should be able to access the documentation without problems.
  3. Innovapptive RDS Landing Page URL on Confluence (Internal) - has been updated
    1. Use the link below to access the One landing page for RDS. This link should be used by the all the internal teams to access lot of useful information, best practices, accelerators. 
      1. Old Link : http://kb.innovapptive.com:8090/display/shareit/4161562/KTQb17c2f7926f74a22b860dc8ac339b17dRVO
      2. New Link : http://kb.innovapptive.com/display/shareit/4161562/KTQb17c2f7926f74a22b860dc8ac339b17dRVO
    2. Navigation to the RDS and other documentation from landing page -> 
      1. From the RDS Landing page url above
      2. Scroll and click on the Product icon (big square icons) for mServiceorder to view the "Product specific RDS page.
      3. Expand the 'START Phase' templates
      4. You will find the links to the 'PDF' and 'WORD' in the row number 4.
  4. Heldpesk Support portal links have been updated with the new URL (Access to RDS Installation and Config guides)
    1. https://helpdesk.innovapptive.com/solution/categories
    2. Select the category 'Product Support' and navigate to view the 'Product' information you are looking for ( click on 'View all folders' if you don't see the product you are looking for)
    3. Select the Product (for eg., mInventory) and you will be shown the documentation links for all the 'Releases' for the product that have been published
    4. For all the Products starting Release 5.0.0 and above you will find the links that contain the 'Release notes' and at the bottom of each of these pages you will find a link to 'RDS Installation and Configuration' guides. These links have been updated by removing the 'Port' number and they will work fine.
    5. When sharing with external partners and customers you are encouraged to send the links from the 'Portal' instead of the direct link.
  5. Impact - Call for Action : If you have any confluence RDS URLs that have been shared or bookmarked (direct URL's from confluence pages), these will need to be updated by removing the 'Port number' from the URL...the change between the Old and New URL is to remove :8090 from the URL and it will continue to work fine. Please make sure you are updating any personally saved URLs' or documentation that you have to ensure that the URL is updated and working.