Mobile Shopping cart (SAP ECC and SRM)

General Information


Field employees in industries such as engineering & construction or sales reps do not have the ability to raise a self-service requisition anywhere, anytime. These field employees choose the least path of resistance by consistently ordering goods and services over the phone and requesting the creation of a purchase requisition. This non-conformance with standard purchasing processes has a significant impact on opportunities to save costs and increases the risk of non-compliance pertaining to procurement. Innovapptive’s mobile shopping cart -mShop, an SAP certified mobile solution empowers your field workforce to raise and manage their requisitions - anywhere, anytime.

mShop is a one-stop solution for your field workforce to purchase items as and when required by using a variety of modes including free text or from previous requisitions (purchase orders, contracts, etc). As this application empowers your work force by promoting self-service procurement anywhere, anytime, you end up reducing the process costs and purchasing prices. Apart from that, this solution enables you to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) pertaining to e-procurement.

 All purchase orders, requisitions or shopping carts that are raised via mShop needs the approval of the managers, which is accomplished using the mWorklist application

Key Features of the mShop mobile solution -


  • User defaults for most often used master data.
  • Order from previous requisitions and streamline mobile requisitioning.
  • Mobilize self-service procurement for material purchases, non - material (free text) purchases, service procurement and contracted catalogue purchases.
  • Contract uploads with images and attributes, made available as catalogues
  • Minimize process costs and purchasing prices through promoting self-service procurement anywhere, anytime.
  • Accelerate cycle times by automating procurement processes through mShop’s automated contract catalogs

What’s New in mShop 5.0.0 

Access the Release notes document available in the RDS documentation link below.



Please take a look at the RDS Installation documentation for mShop 5.0.0 regarding hardware and software requirements as well as for implementation instructions.


In case you encounter problems when installing, upgrading or running mShop 5.0.0 create a support ticket on the Innovapptive Support Portal at

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Click here to access mShop 5.0.0 Rapid Deployment Services Documentation