To solve issues effectively, the Helpdesk support agent needs to have all the relevant information about the issue(s). Your ability to answer the following questions will help Innovapptive in solving your issue(s). 

  • What levels of software were you running when the issue occurred? Please include all relevant  products, i.e. operating system as well as related products and platforms.
  • Has this issue occurred before or is this an isolated case?
  • What steps led to the failure?
  • Can the issue be recreated? If so, what steps are required?
  • Have any changes been made to the system  (hardware, middleware or  software)?
  • Were any messages or other diagnostic information produced? If so, what were they?
  • Do you have screenshot(s) of details of the message(s) received?
  • Define your issue or question in specific terms and provide the version and release level of the  product(s) involved