Will a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Strategy securely mobilize your Contractors, Suppliers, Customers and 3rd Party? How do you distribute SAP mobile apps to a diverse work environment? A cloud based enterprise app store can help you securely distribute your apps to it’s intended audience.

Today’s organizations are multifaceted, having close correlation between various  stakeholders such as contractors, suppliers, customers and 3rd party entities. However, the efficiency of any business is gauged on how well it can seamless coordinate between all its stakeholders within the shortest time period and establish an effective communication channel, improving its overall RoI.

However, with organizations having multiple offices and its stakeholders spread across the globe, it becomes virtually difficult to pool all information at one place, while effectively connecting and disbursing information to all their stakeholders within the shortest possible time.  Added to that is the rising operational and infrastructure costs to keep pace with the rapid information flow, without losing control about who is viewing what.

With rapid proliferation of mobile technology, things are falling in place and organizations across the globe are realizing the potential of enterprise mobile computing, which is blazing at a rapid pace. Against this backdrop, mobile device management (MDM) which is a new age platform  is gaining rapid momentum in the industry for the management of mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops. Businesses are taking the advantage of this tech

nology to seamless connect across their various stakeholders, enhancing their operational efficiences, minimizing costs and providing a one stop easily accessible data sources. MDM functionality can cover over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration setting for all types of devices including smart phones, tablet computer and mobile POS devices.However, one issue that is bugging the organizations is the accessibility of corporate data, losing great deal of control over who can actually view and use the data. MDM solution is designed to address such concerns by providing a mechanism, wherein it restricts unauthorized access to enterprise applications and/or corporate data. Some of these features include password protection, encryption and remote wipe technology that allows an administrator to delete all data from a stolen device. Other notable feature is the centralization and enforcement of security policies, ensuring greater security compliance without any added efforts.  Hence, the ultimate goal of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network, while reducing costs and drastically cutting down downtime.

One step ahead in this direction is the bring your own device (BYOD) model that is slowly gaining momentum across organizations, globally. It literally refers to the policy of allowing employees to bring their own personal mobile devices to their work place and access privileged company information and applications, using these devices. Some of the benefits this model brings forth  is  boosting of employee productivity and morale, while providing the ease and convenience of accessing the corporate data from the comfort of their phones.

Having dwelt with MDM and BYOD, let’s move on to the next level of mobile technology – mobile application management (MAM), which focuses on application management and ensures a lower degree of control over the device, but a much greater level of control over corporate applications.

Some of the features of an end-to-end MAM solution include the ability to:

  • Control App provisioning through an enterprise app store
  • Update and remove mobile applications via enterprise app store
  • Monitor the overall application performance
  • Wipe data remotely from managed applications

The above features clearly depicts the value that MAM solutions bring in to the business, specifically from the security perspective, apart from providing other core features including App version management, App configuration management and push services.

Innovapptive offers two out of box MAM solutions, focused in cutting operational costs and adding value to its clients.

Enterprise Branded App Store – mPower™ AppStore

Innovapptive’s mPower™ App Store is designed to help organizations to manage and distribute apps to its employees, while providing a comprehensive platform to drive adoption quickly and maximize mobile investments.

Mobile App Security Management – mPower™ Security

With enterprise security being a key driver for MAM solutions, Innovapptive’s SAP® Certified mPower™ AppSuite comes pre-packaged with a robust native and wrapper app.security. App wrapping differentiates security from the development process and provides fine-grain usage and security policies within Innovapptive’s mPower™ AppSuite. With this app in place, businesses can be rest assured about their security, even when their devices and apps are accessed by their partners, contractors and customers.

The above discussion finally boils down to the point that MAM solutions are here to stay and have truly revolutionized the way an enterprise works remotely with all its stake holders, without bothering about the nitty-gritty of their  mobile security issues. Innovapptive has rightly captured the market and is on its way to innovate and deliver much more apps in this arena – to transform the way enterprises work and deliver.

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