Migrate MBO Apps from Sybase Unwired Platform to OData on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Service

This webinar, presented by Innovapptive, attempts to address issues and focuses on the primary steps to migrate from SUP MBO based apps to SMP 3.0 OData based apps. This session explores the capabilities of HCPms and its key takeaways to get started with the technological paradigms associated with SUP MBO data migration. It also covers the various migration strategies and the conversion stages to help you get started with the migration process.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Benefits of migrating the apps to HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms)
  • Migration support and benefits that SAP is offering
  • Major challenges/issues that are encountered and the market expectations in terms of flexibility & power, deployment options, open standards support, etc.
  • Key value addition of SAP’s new platforms
  • Benefits of adopting a platform based approach from a developer’s perspective
  • Benefits of migrating SAP MBO to OData SAP Mobile Platform 3.x
  • Technical scenarios & steps to help you get started with the migration process
  • Cloud scenario support

Featured Speakers

Scott Harrison - Sr. Director Americas's ISV Partner Edge for Application Development Partner  
Hari P. Kamineni - Products & Innovations Leader, Innovapptive Inc