While IDC predicts that there will be 3.7 billion mobile enabled workers worldwide by 2018*, IT shops are still in the nascent stages of developing an enterprise framework to support strategic mobile application development. In fact, skyrocketing demand for intuitive workforce applications is already pushing IT to capacity and many organizations cannot keep up, particularly for apps that extend enterprise systems such as SAP.

This webinar will help you explore how companies can get ahead of the mobile application development curve by adopting a mixed-source approach that leverages an ecosystem of partners and support services. You will hear from our experts the tactical advice on how to scale your application development framework to meet demand, including:

  • Balancing and integrating in-house development work with that of experienced third-party developers with specific skill sets
  • Building a bi-modal IT approach that supports both a stable infrastructure and agile application development
  • Accelerating application development by finding partners with extensive pre-built apps already certified by enterprise vendors such as SAP
  • Leveraging a one-stop partnering approach that provides access to a vetted ecosystem of high-performing partners in specific application development areas
  • Tactical advice on how to maximize application value by combining mission-critical support services such as deployment services, partner management, project management, and hardware and peripheral acquisition into one bundle of services.