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Explosive growth in mobile app adoption continues in every industry, across every line of business and the consumer sector. To manage this growing demand, businesses need to quickly and efficiently create and deploy mobile applications that deliver significant value back to the business. We’ve entered the age of rapid mobile app development (RMAD) in which business users can leverage codeless configuration tools, business process mapping and simple drag and drop capabilities to deliver apps out the business users. Rapid mobile application development, has gained momentum due to the rise in the realization that enterprise apps are not only convenient, they are becoming necessary in certain areas of the business.

Join Sundeep Ravande, President and Co-founder at Innovapptive, and Sri Karthik, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing at Innovapptive to learn how you can harness the power of this technology and drive immediate business benefits by deploying apps that mobilize several SAP business processes.

Get an in-depth look at Innovapptive's RACE™ (Rapid App Configurator Engine) toolkit that enables the SAP business analysts and IT teams to create, customize and deliver mobile apps without sacrificing quality or functionality. RACE™ empowers your existing staff to develop native mobile and browser-based web apps with integration into your existing on-premise or cloud based systems. RACE™ takes a low-code or no-code approach to building apps so that someone with little experience can quickly build a mobile app.

In this webinar Sundeep and Sri shared best practices including:

Featured Speakers - 
Sundeep Ravande - President & Co-Founder, Innovapptive Inc.
Sri Karthik - Senior Vice President, Innovapptive Inc