SAP Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Web-based development environment designed to support the end-to-end application lifecycle for SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 applications

In today’s market scenario, the key to business success lies in agility in multiple dimensions. One of the key aspects of agility is to design, develop and deploy applications swiftly to address the growing expectations of the users to have amazing user experiences. Using SAP Web IDE, developers and power users alike can swiftly deploy new-age applications that leverage SAP HANA and SAP HANA cloud platform and is planned to be available as on-premise solution on SAP HANA XS in the future. The pluggable and modular architecture allows to integrate SAPUI5 tools and enables SAP development, partners and customers to add their own plugins.

This web based development environment addresses the application development processes in a comprehensive manner, right from prototype through deployment. SAP Web IDE offers highly efficient tools to easily build and extend apps applying SAP Fiori UX and generic SAPUI5 apps using wizards, templates, drag and drop tools, code editor and much more. Simply stated, SAP Web IDE is a web based environment that lets users to create incredible user experiences swiftly for browser and mobile devices. Apart from that, SAP Web IDE environment also lets users to extendSAP Fiori and UI5 apps (through visual extensibility editor) as well as build new UI5/HTML5 or custom Fiori apps.

SAP Web IDE Screenshots


Overview of key features

  • Offers standard development tools such as code editors wizards and WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) tooling that are optimized for building responsive HTML5 apps with SAPUI5.
  • Consists of certain standard templates – SAPUI5, Fiori and SAP WEB IDE plugin; and offers flexibility to create your own template (custom template).
  • Supports the E2E application life cycle that covers UI design, development, testing, deployment and customer extensions for responsive SAPUI5 apps.
  • Code based environment – the tool never gets in the way of the developer.
  • Both SAP and non-SAP developers can design, build, test and deploy responsive SAP UI5 and Fiori like apps using SAP HANA or Gateway OData services.
  • Develop once and deploy anywhere – can be run on any device including mobile and tablet.
  • Instant preview feature that lets you launch the application in the browser at different resolutions and in multiple languages, using real or mock data.
  • Collaborative development and project persistency that lets developers to collaborate on specific files via JAM integration (not available in the beta release in June 2014).
  • Provides extensible and modular architecture that lets you add your own plug-in/template via wizards and templates.


  • Enhances development productivity – offers easy to consume development environment.
  • Minimizes IT infrastructure and administration efforts.
  • Cloud based (hosted on SAP HANA cloud platform), eliminating initial installation and configuration of local IT infrastructure.
  • Access development projects anytime and anywhere.
  • Holistic development environment with incredible UI.
  • Drag-and-drop (WYSIWYG) editors – simple to use with less technical complexity.
  • Tighter collaboration between developers, business experts and designers.


SAP Web IDE serves as a great productivity tool for developers, designers and business experts. With its cutting edge embedded tools covering end-to-end development process, it enables you to rapidly design, build and deploy web applications based on SAPUI5 and also supports you in extending SAP Fiori apps. Some of the key advantages of leveraging SAP Web IDE include enhancement of the development productivity, low infrastructure costs and ensuring tight collaboration between designers, developers and business experts. Hence, SAP Web IDE lets you develop and deploy applications with greater agility, while providing amazing end user experiences.

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