SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WFPB) is a learning management tool for SAP users that lets you generate simulations, videos for process flows you create within each module; provide navigational help, build ITIL libraries and do much more. In other words, SAP Workforce Performance Builder software helps to instantly and effectively provide your user communities with the skills that will build insight and value.

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It primarily consists of the 4 components:
1. Manager
2. Producer
3. Instant Producer
4. Navigator

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It is the administrator component of the application, wherein it acts as a repository to store all files and data. It serves as a platform facilitating co-operation, learning and performance tracking. It ensures server based content flow & collaboration, project management and reporting.


It is an efficient authoring tool that lets you design, record, edit and deploy content such as simulations, help documentation and e-learning stuff. To create learning content like simulations, books and help documentation, you can make use of this component to record each steps in an accurate fashion, embed screen shots, provide explanatory text for each steps and generate a professionally formatted source document that you can edit, as per your requirements. Another feature of this component is the secondary language support (once you finish recording a simulation):

  • Translate only the simulation part (messages) from the base language to a secondary language (SAP offers multiple language support).
  • Set up the system environment (login to the application with secondary language as the base language) to create simulation for an existing process flow in the secondary language (screen names, labels etc., as applicable).

Instant Producer

It is the light version of the producer, which is user friendly and wizard driven transaction recording utility that is primarily designed for subject matter experts (SMEs). It is prompt driven, providing a complete intuitive experience for generating professionally formatted documents, which can later be passed on to the developers for further modifications or enhancements. This component doesn’t allow SMEs to make any changes or edit the content.


It is a supporting tool that provides additional context sensitive help at the end-user level – a user can seamlessly navigate and work across the application with the help of step-by-step instruction based simulation in a live environment. For instance, if a user need to generate a sales order, the navigator prompts and guides the user through the entire process flow of sales order creation. The navigator pushes the information directly to the user, eliminating the need to invoke help menus.

To put it straightforward, the navigator recommends valid values for critical fields and provides examples of possible entries for fields, forms and tables. It can even send information to the user as to how critical in-context information need to be complied pertaining with mandatory fields, guidelines and vital data relationships.

SAP Workforce Performance Builder – Working Modes

As outlined earlier, you can record simulations pertaining to any business work flow and share it across your user groups in different learning modes. The following are the modes that lets users to view/work on the simulations:

1. Demo
2. Practice
3. Test
4. Concurrent

1. Demo: As the name indicates, this mode is only meant for demonstration purpose, wherein a user can view the ongoing simulation depicting a specific workflow, without any direct interactions.

2. Practice: This is an interactive mode, wherein a user would be prompted to enter the data or perform a series of steps, as part of understanding the process flow across SAP screen for a business process. (For instance creating a sales order, which requires a series of steps).

3. Test: In this mode, system will navigate the user to a test environment, letting him/her to perform a series of steps to accomplish a specific task – without any system prompts or help.

4. Concurrent: This mode is also referred to as the learning mode, wherein the system executes the business step, prompting the user to accept, ensuring whether he/she has understood the business motive of that screen.

You can subsequently create audio projects, video projects and documentation from the simulations that you have created from the producer.

Other value added features
In addition to generating simulations, you can also build Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL) that serves as a knowledge base, integrating book pages, text, images, roll overs, videos, audios and other useful resources. You can generate ITIL for various functional users, who work on specific modules to let them understand typical business scenarios for smooth execution of their work.

How do you benefit?

  • Enhance end user productivity with accelerated process execution.
  • Minimize the time needed to search the required reference materials, when needed.
  • Simplify the onboarding process of new employees.
  • Provide top class process, training and test documentation.
  • Generate a variety of documentation resources to quickly enhance end user adoption.
  • Enable location-based training and enablement
  • Provide access to context-sensitive guidance, even outside the purview of your office.
  • Empower 360° “share economy
  • Create, update and localize enablement contents quickly with ease.
  • Enhance the RoI of IT investments.
  • Supports all mainstream mobile platforms.


Form the above discussion, it is evident that SAP Workforce Performance Builder serves as a major learning management tool, empowering your enterprise with the requisite knowledge base that includes simulations, videos, context sensitive help, audios and much more. Apart from offering several benefits from both organizational and end user perspectives, it serves as a perfect tool to rapidly build a reliable and an efficient knowledge base, empowering your organization and other stakeholders.

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