International Data Corporation (IDC) has hosted the IDC FutureScape for mobile enterprise predictions for 2015 Web conference. The session provided organizations with insight and perspective on long-term industry trends along with new themes that may be on the horizon.

The Predictions Web conference series and accompanying IDC FutureScape reports are designed to help company leaders capitalize on emerging market opportunities and plan for future growth.


1. IT organizations will dedicate at least 25% of their software budget to mobile application development, deployment, and management by 2017.

2. Difficulties linking mobile platforms to existing databases will cause 45% of mobile enterprise app initiatives to be delayed or go over budget in 2015.

3. Thirty-five percent of large enterprises will leverage mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy mobile apps across their organizations in 2015.

4. The number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple by 2016.

5. Thirty to 40% of organizations deploying more than five mobile applications in 2015 will realize substantial business agility benefits by establishing an API tier in their enterprise IT architecture.

6. Over 50% of large organizations will invest in enhanced enterprise mobility management (EMM) capabilities to secure apps and data in 2015.

7. By 2017, 100% of the line of business (LOB) apps in customer-facing roles and 75% of LOB apps in internally-facing roles will be built for mobile-first consumption.

8. IT departments will require major reorganizations by 2016 to assume broker-integrate-manage as well as service orchestration functions.

9. Competitive necessity will supersede productivity and efficiency for 50% of mobile enterprise app development in 2015.

10. By the end of 2015, only 15% of large organizations will have adequate mobile security governance for process and policy.

“The number of enterprise applications optimized for mobility will quadruple by 2016, driven both by competitive necessity and rapidly evolving technologies that support faster and more secure enterprise ‘appification’,” said John Jackson, program vice president for Mobility Research at IDC. “The benefits from efficiencies and business innovation on the back of this app explosion will transform industries and markets. At the same time it is clear that the path to broader mobilization of business processes is still complex. For this reason, we offer this FutureScape to help enterprise mobility stakeholders shape their strategies, decisions, and investments. Organizations that execute effectively will be positioned to enable innovation across all facets of their business.”

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