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The demand for Geospatial Intelligence is shifting from IT-centered platforms and specialized tools, to modern line of business focused solutions. Cloud, open source, mobility, and big data have disrupted and enhanced the GIS experience.

Watch this webinar for a LIVE demo of the Critigen Lemur™ solution with real-time and direct integration into SAP ERP. Our speakers Ty van den Akker - Integrated GIS Products at Critigen and Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development and Solution Engineering will paint a picture for GIS and SAP stakeholders, how enterprises can succeed in using real-time data from SAP and GIS to streamline business processes.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can : 

  • See SAP assets + GIS data + your location, on the same map. Use device-native apps on Windows and Android and take your app offline.
  • Launch SAP record view, create, or edit actions directly from the affected location, equipment, notification or work order shown on the map.
  • Improve data alignment between GIS and SAP inherently.
  • Implement fast and with low-risk; Upgrade and port easily to new devices and apps.
  • Configure GIS caching in the Geocache tier to support space-efficient offline work within user’s assigned region.
  • Leverage current and future SAP geo enablement.

Integrating SAP - ESRI GIS Webinar

Featured Speakers - 

Ty van den Akker - Critigen Lemur™ Product Manager, Critigen
Sri Karthik - SVP Business Development & Marketing, Innovapptive Inc