SAP Fiori is a new age user experience (UX) for SAP, based on modern design principles that provides a holistic and a consistent experience across myriad devices, accomplishes quick insight-to-action anytime and anywhere and much more. There are a variety of apps that are currently applying the SAP Fiori UX to provide enhanced user productivity and personalization for customers, who use SAP Business Suite on any database and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. SAP Fiori supports not just apps, but also a variety of roles in diverse functional areas of business including HR, finance, manufacturing, procurement and sales.

Quick Facts about consumer usage patterns

Most enterprise users fall into one of thee categories based on their usage patterns –

  1. Only Desktop
  2. Mostly Desktop with some Mobile – 80% time on desktop and 20% on mobile
  3. Mostly Mobile with some Desktop – 80% time on mobile and 20% on desktop

Taking into account the varied usage patterns, Innovapptive’s portfolio of SAPUI5 and native mobile solutions addresses the diverse set of enterprise users’ needs and compliments your overall SAP Fiori Strategy.

Innovapptive’s SAP UI5 & Hybrid Container addresses the various requirements of desktop and first category hybrid users (80% desktop and 20% mobile). The typical requirements could be:

  • Work with consumer grade apps, mostly on desktop
  • Require a simple and an intuitive desktop experience
  • Basic system performance needs
  • No additional security needs with nil requirement of additional infrastructure

Similarly, Innovapptive’s native mobile apps addresses the requirements of the second category hybrid users (80% mobile and 20% desktop). The typical requirements could be:

  • Work with consumer grade apps on a mobile device.
  • Enhanced user interface and user experience
  • Enhanced user performance
  • Provision of additional security
  • Incorporation of other value added features including push notifications, offline capability, badges, camera and GPS.

Though SAP Fiori is becoming the mainstream and offers several benefits, however, it still plagues by certain hidden costs and dependencies. Some of the key challenges are discussed as follows:

  • 93% SAP Fiori apps require SAP HANA or EHP 7.0 or higher version with implications such as:
  • Dependency on upgrade timelines
  • Additional upgrade costs
  • Cost prohibitive for SAP HANA adoption
  • Dependencies could push back adoption of mobile journey, leading to disappointed business users.
  • With SAP Fiori being only a responsive desktop UX transformation solution and not a “TRUE” mobile solution, some of the typical challenges include:
  • Out-of-the-box Fiori only addresses 70% of your enterprise user needs.
  • Lower adoption rates on mobile
  • With average cost of acquiring the SAP mobile platform is $800/user, some of the cost based hidden challenges include:
  • Cost prohibitive SAP mobile platform enterprise user licenses
  • Upward costs of $100,000 in custom Fiori client development services to enable Fiori on mobile with push notifications, offline capability and badges

In order to overcome the current SAP Fiori Challenges & accelerate mobile journey & reduce costs, Innovapptive has devised an all-in-one solution that aligns well with your SAP Fiori Strategy to address your diverse users’ needs.

  • SAP Fiori Launchpad for desktop experience for desktop users
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad + Custom Fiori Client to enable desktop + mobile experience for first category hybrid users.
  • Native mobile solutions for second category hybrid users for true mobile experience

You can accomplish this by adding non-disruptive standard apps on the same SAP Fiori launch pad that runs Innovapptive solutions. This is outlined for various users as follows:

Desktop: Retrofit additional SAP Fiori Apps on the same SAP Fiori Launchpad where Innovapptive apps run.

Mostly Desktop with some Mobile: Retrofit additional standard SAP Fiori apps within the same Custom Fiori Client delivered by Innovapptive.

Mostly Mobile with some Desktop : Leverage cockpit technology to ensure seamless mobile experience on Innovapptive’s native mobile solutions & additional native apps

How do you benefit?

  • 0% dependency on upgrades and SAP HANA
  • Addresses 100% of your diverse enterprise user needs
  • Go-Live within 6 weeks
  • Avail SAP mobile platform run time licenses at 10% of Innovapptive’s mobile app cost
  • Completely (100%) aligns with your SAP Fiori strategy and allows retrofitting Innovapptive solutions within the same universal SAP Fiori launchpad and Custom Fiori client
  • No additional skill sets required.
  • Avoid the additional $200,000 + costs in developing a custom Fiori Client to run on SAP mobile platform


Though SAP Fiori is a new age user experience (UX) for SAP, based on modern design principles that provides a holistic and a consistent experience across myriad devices, it is plagued with certain challenges including technological and implementation costs. However, with Innovapptive’s solution portfolio, you can overcome all the major challenges encountered, apart from enjoying several value added features with just a fraction of the cost within the shortest possible time.

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