SAP has a new mantra: Live Business. Earlier at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando, Florida, SAP launched the new campaign – the next step in the evolution of Run Simple.

From customer experiences to workforces and supply chains, a live business uses data to predict the future instead of reporting the past. It means totally agile business processes and the ability to mass customize everything, for every single consumer. It means connecting every colleague and asset to a single, intelligent and totally digital core system – one that can anticipate, simulate and innovate new opportunities. It means action on the fly, action within seconds of new data.

So just what does “live” mean? It stems from data and how you use technology to propel your business forward. In the connected and live world of devices, data and users, mobile isn’t merely another channel. Mobile can be the key driver in enabling a LIVE enterprise.

Keynote at 2016 SAPPHIRE NOW

Here are some of the highlights from SAPPHIRE NOW –

SAP – Microsoft Alliance: In an extension of a longstanding partnership, SAP and Microsoft announced new and deeper ties. The deal starts with S/4HANA and HANA certification to run on the Microsoft Azure public cloud. In return, SAP is expanding on existing integrations to Office365, such as links between Outlook and Concur for reporting of expenses and between Outlook and SuccessFactors to facilitate HR requests and alerts.

SAP – Apple Partnership: The native experience is why SAP has been willing to add iOS native capabilities to the HTML5 output that has been the standard user interface for Fiori. Hasso Plattner, chairman of the supervisory board of SAP, gave an example of native iOS capabilities in his keynote address at Sapphire Now when he talked about an iPhone app for guitar tuning — something he hadn’t seen in a Web-based iPhone app. It was clear that, the partnership will enable enterprises to offer a native user experience to SAP processes.

SAP API Business Hub: SAP announced a beta version of this API hub as part of the latest HANA Cloud Platform release. The Hub is designed to make it easier for customer and partner developers to access, collaborate on and develop new application programming interfaces.

Leveraging Partners: Marc Geall, SVP and GM of HANA Cloud Platform Partner Innovation at SAP SE – spoke about the role of partners in harnessing SAP’s platform technology and how partners are building applications in whitespaces where SAP may not have the expertise or the resources to do it.

Cloud Foundry: SAP said this would let developers build apps and services using the combination of Cloud Foundry and SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform. SAP released a Cloud Foundry beta service that works on the Pivotal-inspired open-source cloud.

To sum it up after analysing the many stories of inclusion and integration, it’s time for customers to join SAP and its partner ecosystem across its digital core, business cloud applications, business networks and platforms. A great customer experience isn’t a luxury, it’s an expectation and those who can’t keep up with these expectations simply won’t survive. Opportunities to win over customers are everywhere in a digital world.